Stephanie Fung is a motion graphic designer based in London. 
Although her foundation is graphic design, she also has passion within interaction design and animation.
Her skill set ranges from Adobe Suite, Cinema4D, Houdini, Unity.
She is also currently learning Unreal Engine and Marvelous Designer.

Xbox - Motion Design Freelancer for 23rdC 2020
Vogue Singapore - Motion Design Freelancer 2020
OFFF Academy x Adobe (mentored by Baugasm) - Personal Project
Selfridges - In House Motion Designer Present
Selfridges x Digi-Gal - Motion Design Freelancer 2019
Studio Moross - Motion Design Freelancer 2019
The Face - Motion Design Freelancer 2019
The Mill - Motion Design Intern 2018
Peter Anderson Studio - Motion Design Intern 2017
Johnson Banks - Motion and Graphic Design Intern 2017

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