THE ANGLE V2 - A Collaboration with Colour
Presenting V2 of one canvas created by 49 of the worlds best 3D artists. At a distance, the canvas appears to be a gradient of rich purple through to baked yellow, but at a closer look each artist has created their own mini masterpiece. 
Each artist was randomly assigned a tile. The brief was then to create a 1x1 image within the confounds of the colour of which the tile was allocated. Each artist had complete creative freedom to do whatever they felt suited that square. 
The story of this piece can be told not only from the individual artists but as a collaboration where the artistic journey is demonstrated not only within each unique square but also with the conversation between each of the artists pieces. This has allowed each artist the space to express their own conceptions whilst being shared as part of a collaborative piece.


050: Alba Fuente 051:Roger Kilimanjaro 052:Jess Herrera 053: Tadner 054: Mikhail Sedov 055: Anais Iris 056: Milla Odor 057: Cristina La Porta 058: Ross Mason 059: movki 060: Simon Ronnerdag 061: Bihhel 062: Skeeva 063: Florian Baumann 064: Idea&Maker 065: Stephy Fung 066: Paul McMahon 067: Daniel Harper 068: Krisztina Vichnál 069: Peiter Hergert 070: Alex Polozun 071: Alex Petrovsky 072: Domingo Betancur 073: Dave stewart 074: David Padilla 075: Ariel Lu 076: Twistedpoly 077: olivier Beaugard 078: Kenza 079: rory cahill 080: Paul Esteve 081: BVOK 082: Jordi Pages 083: visualoperator 084:Mellow Studio 085: elias Klingen 086: Apoxia 087: Zhemin 088: Alex_V 089: Therese Detje 090: Runbo_c 091: denis_sartakov 092: Damian Sendin 093: Adam Priester 094: Trnvir Singh 095: fffcorp 096: Fredrich Neuman 097: Gabriel Rocha 098: Thais Altès

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